Onondaga Brew Cup
Wednesday Night Team Racing Series at Toggenburg
Sponsored by:  Onondaga Beverage &Toggenburg


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The 2016 Onondaga Brew Cup Wednesday Night Team Racing Series at Toggenburg Mountain Winter Sports Center is seven weeks of racing starting 7:00 PM Wednesdays in January and finishing February 24, with Finals and Awards Party on March 13. Download Informational Package and APPLICATION FORM here >>>Wednesday Night Team Racing Series. (You need Adobeģ Reader available w/o charge at adobe.com.)


Each team will consist of five men and two women. All racers can race each week and are in contention. The best four male racersí places and best female racerís place will count toward team score for that week. TEAM ROSTERS MUST BE COMPLETE BEFORE JAN 1, or first race scores may not count. (Click on "Roster" above to view names of teams.)


Team members who do not have a season pass will sign for a lift ticket at the ticket office each day of competition.


Only racers on your entry form can compete. Any team that allows an illegal sub will be fined extra points to the team score. Captains please note to all your teammates.


Each racerís best time out of two runs will count.
Men are scored separately from women, unless a woman is running as a male team member.

Failure to start or finish: If a racer does not start or finish at least one run, that racer receives a ghost time of last place if his/her time is needed that night.

Ties: If racer's time is needed for team total, that time will be used as is.

Fastest male or female: determined by point standings averaged over the best 5 out of 8 races, whether their times counted toward team or not.

Team Standings: Best 5 night races plus finals. If no final race, best 5 races. If no final and less than 6 night races, all races will count. In case of team ties for weekly results, both teams will receive that placing and next place finish will be skipped, as in individual result ties. In team ties for final series placing, the team with the best placements for the series will break the tie, no skip to next place.


Women will race first (unless a woman is racing as a man -- then she races in the menís seed). Womenís seed #1 is all women over 50 and #2 will be all younger. #1 first always.

Men age 50+ run in first male seed every week by roster entry order. First man (under 50) on team roster races second seed first week, third seed second week, and so on.

Order of runs will be posted each night at Foggy Goggle Entrance.

Team seeding determined by the order in which entries are received with full team payment.

To keep our series fun, fair, and timely, it is necessary to run in proper order. If a racer misses his/her start, the racer may run at the END OF HIS/HER SEED. If the racer misses the seed, the racer may run at the end of the run. A DNS will be given for a missed run.


Final team awards will be presented following the final competition, March 13, 2016.

The awards dinner cost is included in your team entry. Please notify Jessie Novak (683-5842 x13) by Feb. 24th. Guests will be allowed by reservation (fee 20.00).

PLEASE NOTE: All racers will be assigned a bib for the duration of the league. (No deposit will be collected.) No racer will be allowed in the start gates without proper bib. This rule will be strictly enforced. Do NOT come to race start without your bib on. We hope to make the "order of" go a much easier system for you, the racers. Please let your members know BEFORE the first night. We will run racers by number. They must be in place to get a time!


$420.00 is the cost for each team entered before January 1st, regardless of number in team. We will submit all race results to NASTAR and your individual and Team results will be scored and posted to its Web site each week. As in the past, we hope to make this series a fun and exciting event. Please call Toggenburg with any questions or input.

All participants can ski Wednesdays before the race series starts.


Onondaga Beverage, and all of our other local sponsors.