Toggenburg has Wi-Fi!
Bring your laptop.

Laptops are welcome in our cafeteria and mezzanine.
(The Foggy Goggle, however, is reserved for dining only.)

Trail Conditions
View Trail Map by clicking TRAIL INFO at left.
Trail Chart below is usually updated daily after 10 AM.

1 Oh My Goat X MG PP
2 Kneeknocker X MG PP
3 Nubian Glade* X V
4 Nubian X MG PP
5 On My Way X MG PP
6 Ole' T Alley* X V
7 Thornapple Threat X MG PP
8 Ginny's Way X MG PP
9 Angora Alley X MG PP
10 Main X MG PP
11 Doc's Run X MG PP
12 Rockabilly Run X MG PP
13 In-Saanen (Terrain Park) X MG PP
14 The Goat Pen (Terrain Park) X MG PP
15 Karakul Kurl X MG PP
16 Gotcher Goat X MG PP
17 Ram's Ridge*
18 Capricorn Caper*
19 Chevre Chute*   Under Dev.
20 Billy's Butt (Learning Center) X MG PP
21 Trip-to-Dub X MG PP
22   Goat's Path X  

  BS= Bare Spots; CO= Corn Snow; FG= Frozen Granular; HP= Hard Pack; IP, IS= Icy Patches,
   Icy Surface; LG= Loose Granular; MG= Machine Groomed; P= Powder; PP= Packed Powder;
   SC= Spring Conditions; SM= Snowmaking in progress; TC= Thin Cover; V= Variable;
WG= Wet Granular; WP= Wet Powder WPS= Wet Packed Snow