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Open Tuesday February 9, 9am-9pm

TRAILS: 14   LIFTS: 5   BASE: 10-30   NEW: 0

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Take the "Peak Plunge!"

Feb. 12, 13, and 14, take the "Peak Plunge" on skis or board... You'll fly off a specially constructed jump and land on a 50ft x 50ft freestyle airbag set up at the bottom of Docs Run... courtesy of Greek Peak. Wait'll you see this! The cost starts at only $5! Come learn that new aerial trick you've always wanted to try! Hours: Friday: 10AM- 7PM; Saturday: 10AM- 7PM; Sunday: 10AM- 4:30PM.

Tues Adult Adv with McCurdy

Adult Adv with Rick McCurdy and Steve Travis is cancelled tonight. All other lesson programs are on as scheduled.

Ski Patrol Fun Day Feb. 20

Take part in Toggenburg's annual benefit for our Ski Patrol Saturday, Feb. 20. Enjoy toboggan rides, snow sculpture contest, chili cookoff, hot dogs on the grill, coin hunt, and more!

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